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Questions about stove:


Q1. What the fuel can be used for the biomass stove ?


      A: many fuels can be used such as firewood, straw briquette forming fuel, the mechanism sticks, machine-made charcoal and ordinary charcoal,twigs, leaves, plant wood processing scrap, corn core, husk, animal feces,woody debris and so on.


Q2.  What is the capacity in the stove for the fule ?


     A:   the stove can put 2-4kg fuels accoring the fuel' density


Q3. What is the  different from biomass stove with  traditional stove ?


     A:   Fashion desigh


     B:   Eco-friendly, Saving fuel


     C:  Sufficient burning


Q4.  How many fuels can it consume by one hour ?


     A:   different fuel has different density and calorific value, for example, wood is last longer that straw.  So, one hour can consume about 1-2kg fuels. 


Q5.  What is the requirement for the chimney ?


     A:  It had better 3M above for the vertical height, becuase if the chimney is higher, then draft is stronger. so the higher of chimney the stronger of the firepower. 


Q6.  Since the stove has no smoke why it still need the chimney ? 


    A:   At beginning when you burn it has smoke, when it burning has not smoke, becuase some users at first not  familiar with how to use it. so it can produce some smoke.


   B:  As the 5th question. the chimney another function is to add the draft  and make the firepower is stronger


Q7.  How long it can use for the biomass stove ? 


   A:  It can use for 7 years above if you dont destroy  it.


Q8.  What is the materials for the stove ?


   A: The body of the stove use A grade steel plate.


   B:  inside the stove it use  fire-resistant. it can bear 1000°C


Q9.  Why choose biomass stove ?


   A:  biomass stove can protect entironment  and antipollution,  therefore, the all world goverments support  and popularize the stove.


   B: In the future the biomass stove will replace of the traditional stove, so it has big market.


Q10.  What is the most important  advantage for the user ?

   A:   It can save much fuel than the traditional stove about 60% can save. then one year it can save much money for the housewife.