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Heating cup/kettle/solar kettle/nice solar kettle

Heating cup/kettle/solar kettle/nice solar kettle
Product name : Heating cup/kettle/solar kettle/nice solar kettle
Item : SC-05
Price :
Details :
Body plastic
Materials moulded polyurethane
Color red ,black ,green
Size 11*11*47cm
Weight 1.5kg
Volume 500ml
Pipe Material glass
Inner material copper or aluminum
Packaging Carton box
Production time 3days
Shipping methods According to customers' requirement


Our solar cups/kettle/bottle are  energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, no environmental pollution, easy to carry, only need sunlight. Our products are suitable for travel, office balcony, outdoor sports and so on. Users  can drink hot water anywhere . Our product is the use of solar heating, set of innovative, green, environmental protection, energy saving, practical in one, so our consumers like the cups very much, hey are hot selling now!


Our solar kettle/cup/bottle are portable sun hot water kettle and thermos. It uses the latest in solar thermal technology. It combines a vacuum tube with reflective panels to concentrate solar energy. It holds 500ml(17 FLOz) of liquid and can heat in as little as 30 minutes. Once hot, it can retain heat for hours like a thermos.


The solar rocket is perfect for home energy saving, camping,travel,emergency preparation or snow sports. Hot water can be used for drinking,washing,cooking or rehydrating foods. The heat treatment can also kill water borne bacteria(pasteurization)