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Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker

Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker
Product name : Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker
Item : SC-01
Price :
Details :
 Specifications of solar cooker                  


Material:carbon steel                      

Focus: 60cm  

Reflector: vacuum aluminum film                   

Thickness of film: 0.1mm

Power on sunny day: 1800W  

Focus area:>1.8 square meter   

Thickness: 0.5mm

Diameter: 1.5m

Net weight: 15kg

Size: 80*70*10cm                            


Product usage:

Cooking, boiling,frying food,stewing


Solar cooker advantages


1. low cost and economical

2. no pollution

3. no need fuel.only sun power

4. save money

5. easy to operate for everyone

6. high power, boilng 5L water need 20mins