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Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker

Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker
Product name : Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker
Item : SC-01
Price :
Details :
 High quality solar cooker 

1. Good paint not easy rust
2. Caster design
3. Small gap bridging
4. Heat resistance paint

Material carbon steel  
Focus 60cm  
Reflector vacuum aluminum film  
Thickness of film 0.1mm  
Power on sunny day 1800W  
Focus area >1.8 square meter  
Thickness 0.5mm  
Diameter 1.5m  
Net weight 15kg  
Package 80*71*10cm  
1.Our warranty is for 1 years above  
2.If any problem for quality we will change new for you
3. Our delivery is 3-15days below 500pcs  



Cook Food, Make Water Safe To Drink, and Sterilize Instruments among other uses.
Using the sun for cooking and water pasteurization has come of age. With new designs, experience, the ability to make your own, lower prices for manufactured units, the need to reduce the carbon footprint, save the forests, cooking where fuel not readily available, reduce electric and fuel costs, it is being increasing used worldwide.

Advantages: It is something you can easily make which really works - saves fuel, doesn't burn your food, even makes your food taste better, no stirring, lots of great recipes, and depending on type of cooker and time of day as fast as any stove .