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Solar cooker

Solar cooker
Product name : Solar cooker
Item : SC-01
Price :
Details :
 Solar cooker
1. Package Size:80*70*10cm
4. Power:1800W 

Only use by sun. freee fuel


1. you can only use the sunlight to boil water,  steam bread, cook rice, stewed pork ribs etc without coal, electricity, faggot, cost nothing. As per boiling 3 pots one day, you could save cost fuel about 200US $ per year, that is to say it is long term benefit in return for one-off investment.

2. saving wood and coal. improving your dinner condition and health level cooking with the product is natural, non-pollution, no smoke, no oil dirty.

3. there isn't any environmental pollution with reducing the carbon footprint, meawhile can save much coal and straw. it doesn't only solve the fule problem, but also  reduce the fire pollution, protect the environment of countryside and maintaining ecological balance. it is the country's advocated energy-saving and environmental protection products.