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Solar water hot cup

Solar water hot cup
Product name : Solar water hot cup
Item : SC-05
Price :
Details :
 solar kettle 

Mini solar water heater /Solar energy heated cup


solar kettle is a new type of being green and saving of the solar products.
Our company have you need of solar products
Such as solar battery . solar inverter & controlle . solar charge . solar gift..


The solar kettle is portable sun hot water kettle and thermos. It uses the latest in solar thermal technology. It combines a vacuum tube with reflective panels to concentrate solar energy. It holds 500ml(17 FLOz) of liquid and can heat in as little as 30 minutes. Once hot, it can retain heat for hours like a thermos




Application in your life


When you are in camping

It is very convenient to heat or boil water wherever there is sunshine. No more reliance on gas stoves and no more heavy and expensive gas canisters. No dangerous flames when you are in camping in a tent, motor-home, caravanning or on maneuvers with the army. So you can use it as unlimited source of free energy from sun.



When you are in mountaineering


For it is one kind of light (the weight is 0.9Kgs) and compact kettles, the weighs is just 1.2 Kg. But it is easy to melt snow to make tea, coffee, soup and hot food which can seriously revive a cold and tired mountaineer. Alpine conditions of clear sunshine give ideal operating conditions regardless of the air temperature.



Survival in adversity


The Solar Kettle can be used to sterilize water thus making unknown water sources safe to drink. Beverages such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup can easily be made with the solar kettle. In extreme cold climates it can be used to melt snow and pasteurize it for drinking water. In sea survival situations the solar kettle can be used for desalination, to produce distilled fresh drinking water, from seawater.


Dimensions: 45x11x11cm / 11cm*11cm*47cm
Volume: 500ml (17oz)
Weight: <2kg (2.2lbs)


The Solar kettle is perfect for:
• Eco living, home energy saving
• Picnics, BBQs, outdoor events
• Travel - camping, campervan, hiking
• Sporting - Fishing, boating, sailing, tennis, golf etc.
• Emergency preparedness and disaster response
• Melting snow into drinking water
• Rehydrate dehydrated foods
• Military / aid agencies
• Farm and field work
• Popular gift idea
Can also be used to cook simple foods.
The solar kettle is scratch and weather resistant, compact and lightweight.