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Wood Stoves/biomass Cooking And Heating Stove

Wood Stoves/biomass Cooking And Heating Stove
Product name : Wood Stoves/biomass Cooking And Heating Stove
Item : BS-04
Price :
Details :
 Safe and Durable of Europe Wood Stoves:

The main components is molded by special materials,heat- resistant,corrosion-resistant,Tightness burning stove can ensure their safety in the combustion is the most economical, most convenient, most suitable appliances, and inexhaustible resources, then everyone can afford and are applicable to each household.

Main Features and its Performance for biomass Cooking And Heating Stove:

1. Strong fire: only need 8mins time to boil 5kg of water,its firepower is stronger than the traditional stove such as briquette stove, gas stove, biogas stoves and its h household stove ole temperature can be up to 1000 degrees .

2. stoves and its hole temperature can be up to 1000 degrees .

3. Clean and Environment friendly: full combustion, no smoke, no tar, no odor, no emissions.

4. Ignition convenient: a piece of paper can be lit, at once the fire can be achieved by normal combustion.

5. Simple operation: easy to operate,do not need to install, any place to put. sustainabl e feeding, both adults and children can operate it easily .

6. Wide range of fuels: local materials such as firewood, straw briquette forming fuel, the mechanism sticks, machine made charcoal and ordinary charcoal, twigs, leaves, plant wood processing scrap, corn core, husk, animal feces,woody debris and so on.

7. The wide applicability: boil water, cooking, stewing, barbecue, hot pot are all OK, pot s and pans apply to be placed in a pressure cooker, wok, steamer,burned the kettle, aluminum pots and other household widely used in rural households, hotels, various restaurants,large stall, urban and rural hotel.

8. Fine appearance:friendly design,beautiful appearance.