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sun stove/sun dish/solar cooker/solar stove

sun stove/sun dish/solar cooker/solar stove
Product name : sun stove/sun dish/solar cooker/solar stove
Item : SC-01
Price :
Details :
 Dish Solar Cooker



This is an optimal system featuring moderate cost, high efficiency, stability and durability, and convenient and easy installation.


High thermal efficiency from solar to heat 

The dish can convert over 95% sunlight in its focus area to heat source, people can use this source for cooking, water heat/boil, food/material dry from morning to evening.


Stable and reliable system

All made by high quality carbon steel, support use triangle design, solar collector thickness over 0.6mm, adjustment use lever and pulley design, easily tracking the sunlight. It can surely serve for your life in the following 15 years.



Patented coating technology

Using a patented interference coating technology, the dish solar cooker feature higher heat reflectance and avoid getting rust when working outdoor.


High reflective rate collector

Made of mirror reflective PET/ALUMINUM surface, make the temperature much higher than common reflector, design in 6 detachable