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wood stoves for kitchen

wood stoves for kitchen
Product name : wood stoves for kitchen
Item : BS-05
Price :
Details :
 Specifications for wood stoves for kitchen: 


1) Materials: Steel  plate 

2) Functons: Cooking,boiling,warming and so on

3) Size: 50*20*45cm 

4) Net weight: 25kg

5) Life : 7 years above

6)  Heating area: 20m2

7) Material consumption: 1-1.5kg/h



wood stoves for kitchen advantages:


1) Strong power

2) High efficiency

3) No smoke, so eco-friendly 

4) Sufficient burning, no tar, only fine ash

5) Gasification functions,becuase it has second burning in the top

6) It supported by all the world goverment

7) Saving fuel